Funding Opportunities

Request up to $10,000

In the case of collaborative projects requiring less than $10,000, applications will be processed outside the Funding Competition, on an ongoing basis.


The project must be submitted and supervised by an employee of one of the PRESE member institution. The project must be carried out collaboratively and mobilize at least two PRESE member institutions.

It must address at least one of the following goals:

  • promoting access to college or university studies and student recruitment;
  • promoting academic perseverance and student success in PRESE member institutions;
  • pooling resources (human, material or financial);
  • contributing to regional development.

There are no specific deadlines to submit. Requests will be evaluated on an on-going basis, until all funds given.

Funding decisions

Each project submitted will be evaluated by the members of the PRESE Executive Committee. A request must obtain 3 favourable votes out of 5 to obtain funding.


The form must be completed and submitted by email to the PRESE coordinator, at

Download the form