Tradition of Collaboration

The five PRESE institutions have a long-standing tradition of collaboration. Many projects have been developed over the decades in an array of disciplines.

Following are a few examples—among many others!—of inter-institution collaborative initiatives.

Research Projects

  • Collectif de recherche sur la continuité des apprentissages en lecture et en écriture [research group on the continuity of learning in reading and writing] (UdeS/Cégep de Sherbrooke, Bishop’s)
  • Effects of meditation on the brain (UdeS/Bishop’s)
  • Inventory of the stock of ancient books at the seminary library (Séminaire de Sherbrooke /UdeS)
  • Light pollution (Cégep/UdeS)
  • Various studies in health and social services (UdeS/Bishop’s)
  • Issues related to the mental health, services and professional integration associated with trans, non-binary or genderqueer persons (UdeS, Cégep de Sherbrooke, Champlain, Bishop’s)

Educational Projects

  • Welcoming of college students in university science labs (involvement in research, end-of-program internships, conferences, lab visits, etc.)
  • Pôle de l’entrepreneuriat collégial de l’Estrie and entreprise-école C3Estrie (Cégep/Séminaire/Champlain)
  • Performa: Professional development for teachers at the college level (UdeS/Cégep/Champlain)
  • Immigrant integration project (UdeS/Cégep/Centre d’action bénévole)

Pooling of services and equipment

  • Facility loans and rentals (Champlain/Bishop’s)
  • Joint purchases of scientific equipment (Cégep/UdeS, especially in engineering)
  • Access to UdeS spectrometry equipment for research students in biology from Bishop’s (UdeS/Bishop’s)
  • BiblioPôle (in partnership with the CIUSSS and the City of Sherbrooke)