Gifted Students Support

Better understanding and supporting gifted students


Collégial du Séminaire de Sherbrooke, Université de Sherbrooke


For several years, the Séminaire de Sherbrooke has observed certain problems faced by students with high intellectual potential, whose academic perseverance is sometimes compromised by specific difficulties that are often little known to school stakeholders. 

The Séminaire wishes to take advantage of the expertise developed by faculty at Université de Sherbrooke to better understand the complex issues associated with giftedness and to train its staff to support these students.

In time, the Séminaire is interested in developing authoritative expertise in welcoming and supporting gifted students so as to help them realize their full academic and personal potential.


Isabelle Chaîné, Director of Education, Collégial du Séminaire de Sherbrooke

This project has received $10,000 in financial support from PRESE under its winter 2019 funding competition.