Creation of a recurring mobile repair café in Sherbrooke


Université de Sherbrooke, Cégep de Sherbrooke and various organizations (Jonction Éducation, Estrie Aide, Centre 24-Juin, CÉPOP-Estrie, Service d’aide aux Néo-Canadiens, etc.)


Thanks to its standing as a regional leader in sustainable development, Université de Sherbrooke wishes to mobilize other higher education institutions and local organizations in order to inspire a culture of repairing items and saving them from landfills in the Estrie region.

Based on the Repair Café principle born in the Netherlands and currently gaining more and more international traction, this project seeks to create a mobile and recurrent repair caféstructure in Sherbrooke.

The project draws on the expertise of students and staff from the Cégep and University, but also individuals from a number of community organizations in Sherbrooke, to enable citizens to come learn to repair various items ranging from electrical and electronic devices to bicycles, clothing, shoes and more.

A first repair café washeld inSherbrooke on May 11, 2019, and a second is set for the fall of 2019. Details hereRepair CaféRepair Café.


Miguel Aubouy, Collaborative Innovations Advisor at Université de Sherbrooke

This project has received $17,975 in financial support from PRESE under its winter 2019 funding competition.