Sexual Violence Prevention Program

Active bystander education program


Champlain College, Bishop’s University


To actively prevent sexual violence, Champlain College and Bishop’s University have launched an awareness program in recent years for all members of their respective student communities, which share the same campus. The program, entitled Active Bystander Education, consists of a mandatory two-hour interactive workshop for all new students. The intent of the workshop is not only to raise the student community’s awareness of sexual consent, but to empower individuals as positive community leaders so they can take concrete action in the event of situations that can lead to behaviours of sexual violence.

By fostering responsibility throughout the community, Champlain College and Bishop’s University wish to promote a relational culture of respect between all individuals, and to empower students to act as agents of social change to this end.


Annick Corbeil, Dean of Student Affairs, Champlain College Lennoxville

Stine Linden-Andersen, Dean of Student Affairs, Bishop’s University

This project has received $42,928 in financial support from PRESE under its winter 2019 funding competition.